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Welcome to our lineup of speakers for Dynaway CONNECT.  Our thoughtfully selected industry experts, thought leaders, and innovators who are ready to inspire, inform, and engage you during our upcoming event.

The Speakers list is not yet final as we are constantly making additions to the list to enhance the conference experience.

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Raghav Jandhyala Speaker Raghav Jandhyala Head of Product
Thomas Krogh speaker Thomas Krogh Senior Consultant
Speaker_Joel Levitt Joel Levitt CMRP, CRL, CPMM, PROSCI Certified Change Management Practitioner
Ulrik Pedersen_speaker Ulrik Pedersen CEO
Nancy Reagan_speaker Nancy Regan Author | Trainer | Speaker | Aerospace Engineer
Leslie Day _ speaker Leslie Day Management Systems Manager
Bill Sparling- Dynaway CONNECT speaker Bill Sparling Founder and CEO
Mike Manson Mike Mason Director, Maintenance Reliability Services
Claus Holm Nielsen speaker Claus Holm Nielsen Asset Management Consultant
Morgan_speaker Morgan McDougald Director, D365 Consulting Services / Senior Supply Chain
Chris Gerold Chris Gerold Program Manager, Asset Management
Mark Rigdon Mark Rigdon Founder and CEO
Kelly GustafsonSpeaker Kelly Gustafson Microsoft MVP
Norm Robert Speaker Norm Robert Senior Manager, Enterprise Maintenance and Reliability
Johannes Walter speaker Johannes Walter Corporate Maintenance Manager
Jakob Jakob Ingemann Founder & CEO
for the Videos CONNECT (3) Andreas Skaanes Hulsund Product Architect, Asset Management
Lucinda Lucinda Worden Business Analyst, Functional Solution Architect
Morten Bentzen spekaer Morten Bentzen Application Consultant
Dan Shady Speaker Dan Shady Application Consultant
Kristoffer Bohmann speaker Kristoffer Bohmann Product Development Manager
Head of Product Raghav Jandhyala

Over 20 years of professional experience in Enterprise Business Software.

Co-authored FOUR books on Integrated Business Planning and Supply Chain, published by Springer and SAP Press.

Trusted advisor to Fortune 500 companies, bridging corporate strategies to execution, with expertise in Digital Supply Chain, Retail, Consumer Products, and more.


Raghav Jandhyala Speaker
Senior Consultant Thomas Krogh

Product training Dynaway CONNECT topic 

Course instructor at Dynaway Academy, where he certifies Microsoft partners and end-users in Asset Management.

Successfully implemented D365 F&O Asset Management and Dynaway EAM on a global scale, collaborating with AX Partners and directly with clients.

Actively participated in numerous Proof of Concept workshops, adeptly grasping customer requirements and effectively articulating how these needs will be addressed within the Dynamics D365F&O framework.



Thomas Krogh speaker
CMRP, CRL, CPMM, PROSCI Certified Change Management Practitioner Joel Levitt


President – Springfield Resources

Past Director for International Projects, Life Cycle Engineering

Past Director of Reliability Projects,

Over 35+ years of global maintenance management and reliability consulting experience.

Author of 17 books, 2 collaborations, and 200+ articles

Trained 17,000 maintenance professionals in 550+ sessions in 39 countries.

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Speaker_Joel Levitt
CEO Ulrik Pedersen

reporting and analytics Dynaway CONNECT topic 

Hands-on founder of Get2Insight, Inc. where we help our clients transform data into information and information into insight.

Proud to lead a team of dedicated employees with expert knowledge within the Microsoft ERP ecosystem.

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Ulrik Pedersen_speaker
Author | Trainer | Speaker | Aerospace Engineer Nancy Regan


  Nancy Regan is a leading authority on Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) with over 26 years of experience in facilitating RCM analyses, conducting RCM training, and assisting in the implementation of RCM programs for her clients.

She is renowned for delivering interactive, informative, and inspirational presentations and training courses to global organizations, focusing on Maintenance and Reliability fundamentals to help overcome organizational challenges and foster an effective Reliability Culture.

Nancy holds a B.S. degree in Aerospace Engineering from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, underlining her technical expertise in the field.

She is the author of "The RCM Solution, A Practical Guide to Starting and Maintaining a Successful RCM Program," reflecting her comprehensive knowledge and experience in RCM practices.


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Nancy Reagan_speaker
Management Systems Manager Leslie Day

customer success journeys Dynaway CONNECT topic 

Leslie Day, Management Systems Manager at Countrymark Cooperative Holding Corp in Mount Vernon, IN, has over 12 years of experience with the company.

She oversees the Workplace Excellence Program, manages Document Control and Retention, Data and Analytics Governance, Learning Management, and D365 Asset Management systems. Leslie has completed four Asset Management module implementations and is a Subject Matter Expert in this area.

Before joining CountryMark, she worked in petrochemical industries implementing CMMS systems.

Leslie is an active member of the American Red Cross of Southwest Indiana Board of Directors, serving as the Biomedical Committee Chair.

She also leads the Blood Program for CountryMark and holds a bachelor's degree in organizational leadership from the University of Evansville.

She's a Prosci Certified Change Practitioner and resides in Mount Vernon, IN with her husband and four children.


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Leslie Day _ speaker
Founder and CEO Bill Sparling


Bill Sparling, CEO of Spar Solutions Unlimited, is an innovative leader in business solutions.

Under Bill's leadership, Spar Solutions Unlimited has become a trailblazer in delivering customized, cutting-edge solutions to a diverse clientele, from startups to Fortune 500 companies. Bill's commitment to excellence is evident in the company's track record of delivering innovative software applications and enhancing productivity for clients.

Bill's skill in simplifying complex tech concepts, along with his commitment to education and mentorship, cements his reputation as a dynamic force in the industry. 

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Bill Sparling- Dynaway CONNECT speaker
Director, Maintenance Reliability Services Mike Mason

Best practices Dynaway CONNECT topic 

Results-driven Maintenance Reliability Manager with 30+ years of experience in continuous process improvement, Lean/Six Sigma methodologies, maintenance management, and CMMS Implementation / Optimization.

Proven track record of enhancing equipment reliability and operational efficiency while reducing costs in diverse industries.

Exceptional leadership, communication, and team-building skills, backed by certifications in CMRP, MLT1, Six Sigma Black Belt, and D365 Asset Management.



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Mike Manson
Asset Management Consultant Claus Holm Nielsen

Product training Dynaway CONNECT topic 

With a dedicated expertise spanning over 15 years, Claus is a seasoned Dynamics 365FO specialist, focusing on Supply Chain Management with a specialized emphasis on Asset Management.

Throughout his professional journey, Claus has honed his skills and knowledge to navigate the Dynamics 365FO, establishing him as a go-to professional for optimizing supply chain operations. 


Claus Holm Nielsen speaker
Director, D365 Consulting Services / Senior Supply Chain Morgan McDougald

Best practices Dynaway CONNECT topic 

Results-driven manufacturing professional with a strong focus on optimizing inventory maintenance reliability through strategic software applications. 

Adept at developing and delivering comprehensive training programs tailored to enhance end-users' efficiency. 

With a career spanning from on-site roles to overseeing company-wide initiatives and external consulting, I bring a deep commitment to driving excellent inventory maintenance reliability and practical solutions. 


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Program Manager, Asset Management Chris Gerold

customer success journeys Dynaway CONNECT topic 

Acts as the Business Process Owner for EAM and helped lead the D365 implementation at Dairyland Power Cooperative in 2022.

Oversees the utilization and continuous improvements of the EAM.

Responsible for all aspects of Asset Management program implementation.

Over 20 years’ experience with the company with expertise in Quality Assurance, Maintenance and Reliability, and Asset Management.

Certified Reliability Leader


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Chris Gerold
Founder and CEO Mark Rigdon

Supply Chain Optimization Dynaway CONNECT topic 

Experienced Project Manager with a demonstrated 24-year history of designing and implementing complex organizational change management projects in the Petrochemical, Energy, Oil & Gas, Food Production and Pet Care industries. 

 Ensuring stakeholders, senior management, supervisors, and front-line employees are fully engaged and actively supporting project goals through effective communication plans and informative project updates. Enhance the performance of maintenance organizations through work order lifecycle management and STO optimization.

Delivering sustainable change through the professional instruction of Leadership Training and Coaching to all levels of the organization. Delivering training and coaching with metrics to capture progress, reward excellence and identify the need to escalate to appropriate levels in the organization as required. 



Mark Rigdon
Microsoft MVP Kelly Gustafson

Supply Chain Optimization Dynaway CONNECT topic 

Kelly Gustafson, a Microsoft MVP and technology enthusiast, currently excels as a Director of Strategic Engagement at Caf2Code. She specializes in implementing ERP solutions to enhance supply chain and manufacturing efficiency, focusing on precise cost and inventory data for improved reporting and visualization.

 With a background in food manufacturing, Kelly has a keen understanding of diverse technology needs across various industries including heavy equipment manufacturing, membership services, and public transportation.

Notably, she implemented Dynaway's EAM solution, now integrated into Microsoft Dynamics 365's offerings. Kelly, who holds a Bachelor's in Organizational Leadership from the University of Louisville, is furthering her education with a Master's in Supply Chain Management at Georgetown University. Committed to lifelong learning, she holds multiple Microsoft certifications and stays abreast of technology and industry trends.



Kelly GustafsonSpeaker
Senior Manager, Enterprise Maintenance and Reliability Norm Robert

Supply Chain Optimization Dynaway CONNECT topic 

  Starting as a Mechanic in the Food Industry in 1987, Norm has since held leadership roles in Operations, Engineering, and Maintenance with leading food and beverage companies including General Mills, Kraft, Heinz, Sara Lee, Campbell Soup, ConAgra, and Amy’s Kitchen.

 Norm’s true passion is driving Maintenance best practices to improve the Maintenance core systems and overall plant reliability.

Norm has a BS in Engineering with an emphasis on Food Processing as well as an MBA in Technology Management.

In 2016 Norm lead the implementation of Dynaway EAM with a focus on ensuring set up was configured to provide KPIs critical to success. In his current role he continues to drive continuous improvement with the effective use of D365 F&O EAM with Mobile EAM available for all mechanics at all plants.



Norm Robert Speaker
Corporate Maintenance Manager Johannes Walter

Supply Chain Optimization Dynaway CONNECT topic 

Johannes grew up in Austria, Europe. He completed a mechanical engineering education in Austria and achieved a bachelors/ masters degree in “Information Systems” at the University of Liechtenstein.

After he had worked for an SME as an administrator for the D365 BC implementation, he joined Alpla in 2021 taking over the role as D365 F&O Asset Management rollout lead for 190 production sites worldwide.


Johannes Walter speaker
Founder & CEO Jakob Ingemann

Best practices Dynaway CONNECT topic 

  Jakob is the Founder and CEO of Sprint365, one of the few - if not the only - implementation partner who truly offer templatised D365 Finance and Operations for businesses in select industries.

Through Sprint365, Jakob challenges traditional ERP implementations with quick time-to-value for his customers at reduced risks, cost, and with the added benefits of built-in best practices, various project ‘enablers’, and seamless updates.

Being a former CIO and CFO, Jakob has 30+ years of experience in managing and leading transformation and ERP projects. It is the experience from the other side of the fence, which allows for him to truly understand customer needs and to combat the shortfalls in the traditional ERP industry .

As an Executive MBA holder himself, Jakob also dedicates a significant amount of his free time to advise and examine the leaders of tomorrow at Copenhagen Business School.



Product Architect, Asset Management Andreas Skaanes Hulsund

Best practices Dynaway CONNECT topic 

 Andreas has 20 years of diverse experience in operation and maintenance, encompassing oil production, exploration, construction, and commissioning. He also has several years of experience in Recirculating Aquaculture System (RAS).  Through Sprint365, Jakob challenges traditional ERP implementations with quick time-to-value for his customers at reduced risks, cost, and with the added benefits of built-in best practices, various project ‘enablers’, and seamless updates.

 His background includes strategic asset and project management in Europe, the US, and Canada. He has collaborated with well-renowned industry leaders such as Doc Palmer to implement world-class maintenance practices. Proficient in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS), Andreas is dedicated to operational excellence and continuous improvement. 

Holding a Certificate in Asset Management, he is poised to contribute effectively to the success and growth of organizations in the energy and sustainability sector.


for the Videos CONNECT (3)
Business Analyst, Functional Solution Architect Lucinda Worden

customer success journeys Dynaway CONNECT topic 

 Lucinda Worden is a seasoned Business Analyst and Functional Solution Architect at Masonite, specializing in Asset Management and Supply Chain activities related to Maintenance.

With 15 years of experience in Dynamics and 8 years in Asset Management, Lucinda has a proven track record. Despite not having a background in maintenance, she has successfully implemented EAM AX2012 at 12 production facilities over the past 8 years.

Her expertise lies in developing efficient processes to ease the implementation challenges for maintenance and storeroom staff. Lucinda’s commitment to excellence and continuous improvement has made her a valuable asset. Her work has significantly contributed to the success of Masonite’s operations.

Lucinda continues to drive innovation and efficiency in her role, making her a respected figure in the enterprise.


Application Consultant Morten Bentzen

Product training Dynaway CONNECT topic 

Morten has a past as a business consultant in the wind turbine industry, where he has worked with Enterprise Asset Management for the last 10 years. 

Furthermore, he has a thorough knowledge of 365FO in general and considers the necessity of "processes" before "action" as an active business choice.



Morten Bentzen spekaer
Application Consultant Dan Shady

customer success journeys Dynaway CONNECT topic 

Family: Wife Kim Shady, 4 Daughters (Piper, Vivienne, Bernadette, Josephine)

Employment: Grande Cheese 22 years. Roles: Maintenance tech 1-4, Planner/Scheduler, Process Automation Specialist, Maintenance Supervisor II, Maintenance Manager, Senior Manager Maintenance and Reliability

Knowledge base: Maintenance and Reliability Management UW-Madison, Maintenance and Reliability Management NC State University, CRL, CPMM 



Dan Shady Speaker
Product Development Manager Kristoffer Bohmann

Product Development Dynaway CONNECT 

Kristoffer is Product Development Manager at Dynaway where he leads the innovation and development of our future Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) products. 

With a robust ten-year background in EAM software, he excels in engaging with customers to streamline and enhance their maintenance solutions, ensuring our offerings meet and exceed industry needs.




Kristoffer Bohmann speaker


Please be advised that the information regarding conference speakers and the event agenda provided here is subject to change without prior notice. While we make every effort to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the information presented, circumstances beyond our control may necessitate adjustments to the conference program.